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A message from Tournament Chair Ken Norman:
The Mount Brenton men’s two day tournament has received tremendous support from many Island businesses. The  Mount Brenton men’s tournament Committee would like to thank our major sponsor Mount Brenton Golf Course and the following business’s for their sponsorship and continued support.
Best Western, Chemainus                            Grapefully Yours, wine makers                  Bouma Meats, Ladysmith            Bain Childs & Co.
Duncan  Honda                            Ladysmith Credit Union Mt. Brenton Golf club                    The Jansch Family
Cheri Macter                                  Home Hardware Ladysmith                        ILWO  LOCAL   508                                  Violet Wild Cannabis Chemainus
 A special thanks to the staff of  Mount Brenton Restaurant & lounge, the Pro Shop staff, the Maintenance staff, all the Volunteers
SKINS:   $20.00 ( includes both days) flighted skins- please circle all birdies, eagles.
Hole In One Prizes
Saturday: First hole in one      HOLE #14-  $10,000.00  Best Western, Chemainus
Saturday: First hole in one     HOLE #7-  $5,000.00    Home Hardware Gift Card
Sunday: First hole in one      HOLE  #7-  #5,000.00  Mount Brenton Pro shop
Sunday: First hole in one       HOLE #11 – New Car   Discovery  Honda  Duncan
Saturday KP’S: Sunday KP’S:
Hole #3-   Titleist Golf Balls ( OPEN)          Hole #3-    Titleist Golf Balls   (OPEN)
Hole #7-   Titleist Golf Balls  ( OPEN) Hole #7-    Titleist Golf Balls    (7+)
Hole #11- Titleist Golf Balls  (7+ ) Hole #11-  Titleist Golf Balls   (OPEN)
Hole #14- Titleist Golf Balls  ( OPEN) Hole #14-  Titleist Golf Balls   (OPEN)
Hole #16- Titleist Golf Balls   (OPEN) Hole #16-  Titleist Golf Balls    ( OPEN )
                         Measuring KP’s :        Mark Ball First !     Leave flagstick in,
                                                             Measure from flag stick to front of Ball
                                                            Good     Luck    And  Good  Golfing
June 3-4, 2023
This is a STROKE PLAY COMPETITION governed by the 2023 Golf Canada Rules of Golf and where applicable, by the following Conditions and Local Rules. Note: All local rules posted on the Mt Brenton Clubhouse bulletin boards and score cards are not in effect for this championship.
If in doubt as to procedure, invoke Rule 20.1c Second Ball.  Declare your intention to play a second ball, state which ball you intend to score with if the rules permit, and obtain a ruling BEFORE signing your card, even if the score is the same for both balls.  Penalty for breach of rule is disqualification. Unless otherwise noted, penalty for breach of a Condition or Local Rule is a TWO STROKE penalty.
CLOSE OF COMPETITION – The Competition is deemed to have closed when the trophy has been presented to the winner or, in the absence of a prize ceremony, when all scores have been approved by the Committee.
PACE OF PLAY: Rule – 5.6b Prompt Pace of Play – Committee Pace of Play Policy is in effect. Players must ensure they complete groups of holes and the stipulated round within the times Established by the Tournament Rules Committee.
Front 9 = 2:10 & Back 9 = 2:10 Total 4:20
Definition of “Out of Position” – A group will be considered “Out of Position” if it exceeds the round time AND is more than 14 minutes behind the group in front of them.
A group that is “Out of Position” will receive a warning for the first instance. The warning will not be rescinded. The group receiving a warning should make up the time within three (3) holes or may be liable to penalty stroke(s). First Penalty – One Stroke.  Second Penalty – Two Strokes, Third Penalty – Disqualification
1. Immediate Suspension (Dangerous Situation): One prolonged note of the air horn.
2. Normal Suspension (Non-Dangerous Situation): Three short notes of the air horn.
3. Resume Play: Two short notes.
Note: The course and all practice areas are closed when play is suspended for a dangerous situation until the Rules Committee has declared them open. A player using such practice areas will be subject to disqualification.
CODE OF CONDUCT (Rule 1.2) – B.C. Golf has adopted the Local Rule under Rule 1.2b setting standards of player conduct on the golf course during all competitions. The full policy is available online at The B.C. Golf Rules Committee may assess any or all of the following penalties outlined below, based on the severity and frequency of the violation:
• Warning
• One penalty stroke
• General Penalty
• Disqualification
Note: Under Rule 1.2a, the Mt Brenton GC Tournament Committee may suspend a player for serious misconduct for acting contrary to the spirit of the game during the balance of the entire competition and whether at or away from the host club facility.
RETURNING SCORE CARD- A player’s score card has been returned to the Committee when the player has completely exited the defined scoring area (Tent), unless the player, prior to leaving, verbally informs the Committee of his intention to leave the score area and receives the Committee’s permission to do so.
TIES – All ties excepting the gross winners and qualifying positions, will be broken by “matching scorecards”.  Ties will be broken by matching score cards (last nine, last 6, last 3 with 1/2, 1/3, 1/6 handicap deduction).  If necessary, a playoff for gross winners and qualifying positions will be determined by the committee.
DESIGNATED PRACTICE AREAS: Are beyond the dogleg on hole #18 and the practice putting green in front of the clubhouse. Practice putting greens and short game practice area in front of the clubhouse. A player may not practice on or near the putting green of the hole last played or roll a ball on the putting green of the hole last played. Note: The penalty for practicing outside the designated practice areas on the day of the competition is disqualification.
ABNORMAL GROUND CONDITIONS: (Rule 16) –   All planted garden areas are No Play Zones (NPZ). Free relief is available under Rule 16.1f. If a planted garden is inside or adjacent a cart path, they are the same Abnormal Course Condition, relief may be taken all at once. Note: No relief from maintenance paths (not to be confused with cart paths).
Any sunken drain (outside of Penalty Area) is declared an Abnormal Course Condition if rocks/gravel are felt. Players may take relief under 16.1
IMMOVABLE OBSRUCTIONS: (Rule 16) – Includes all cart paths, services roads.  Damaged areas adjacent to and/or white lined areas tying into service roads and paths, or cart paths have the same status as such roads and paths.
• Hole #15 – Immovable Obstruction – stance and swing relief from retainer between path and bunker to left of the green. If the ball is in the bunker, free relief must be in the bunker (Rule 16.1c(1)) or penalty relief outside the bunker (Rule 16.1c(2)). As an additional option, the ball may be dropped in the drop zone left of the green.
• Stance and swing relief no closer to the hole, from staked trees or trees with ribbons.
PENALTY AREAS (PA): (Rule 17). Defined by red lines.
• Hole #13 – Area on left of tee is a red stake Penalty Area, not out of bounds.
• The rock walls near the ponds on #7, #12 and #18 are deemed to be part of the Penalty Area. Players may take free relief under Rule 16.1b if the ball is in the General Area or penalty relief under Rule 17.1d if the ball is in the Penalty Area.
• Hole 15 – Left of green.
OUT OF BOUNDS: (Rule 18.2) Defined by white stakes and/or boundary fences. Left of 1,2,3,15,16; Behind 3rd, 5th, 7th & 12th greens; perimeter fences and the marked area around clubhouse. When defined by stakes, the boundary edge is the line between the course side points of white stakes at ground level and the stakes are out of bounds. When out of bounds is defined by a white line on the ground, the line itself is out of bounds.
STONES OR RAKES IN BUNKERS: (Rule 15.2) Stones or rakes in bunkers are movable obstructions. Rakes are to be placed outside the bunkers parallel to play.
ANIMAL DUNG: (MLR – F12) At the player’s option, dung from deer, geese, or a dog may be treated either as:
•           A loose impediment that may be removed under Rule 15.1, or
•           Ground under repair from which relief is allowed under Rule 16.1.
ANIMAL HOOF DAMAGE: (MLF – F13) Damage that is clearly identifiable as having been caused by animal hoofs is ground under repair from which free relief is allowed under Rule 16.1. If on the putting green, Rule 16.1 does not apply as such damage may be repaired under Rule 13.1.
ALTERNATE TO STROKE & DISTANCE FOR LOST BALL OR OUT OF BOUNDS ( MLR – E5) – This local rule allowing for an alternate to stroke and distance for a ball lost or out of bounds is not in effect for this tournament.
Tournament Committee: Ken Norman, Jody Griffiths, Jan Best and Michael Cook (Rules Chair)