The 2021-2022 Board of Directors are:

President Chris Fritsch, (Office Administration and if you name it, he does it)

Vice-President Mike Dungey, (Director of Golf Operations and Human Resources Management)

Peter Collum (Communications and assists with Membership, Marketing and Retail, Signage and 75th Anniversary Committee)

Kath Burnell (Club Captain and 75th Anniversary Committee)

Donna Kendal (Membership, Marketing and Retail Committee and chair of 75th Anniversary Committee)

Bruce Dussault (Strategic Planning Committee and Greens and Grounds)

Len Shaw (Finance, Grounds and Greens)

Tom Andrews (Finance and Strategic Planning)

Leigh Bennett (Project Management and Cart Fleet/Cart Shed)

Steve Smith (Project Management and Infrastructure)

Rich Redfern (Strategic Planning)


Sue Menzies is on the 75th Anniversary Committee.