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The 2022-2023 Board of Directors are:


President Tom Andrews

Appoints standing and ad hoc committees. Supervises office staff and committee chairs, and generally rules the roost.


Vice-president Mike Dungey

Golf Operations, Human Resources, and League Planning.

Peter Collum

Communications, Marketing, League Planning, and 75th Anniversary Committee.


Bruce Dussault

Grounds & Greens, Strategic Planning, and Finance.


Leigh Bennett

Projects and Building Management.

Steve Smith

Projects and Building Management.


Sam Godkin

Food and Beverage Services and League Planning.

Kirk Bellamy

Finance, and Grounds & Greens.

Al Robinson


Gregory Brennan

Finance and Strategic Planning.


Arden Chailleur, Sandi Stevenson, Iain Stevenson, LaDonna Kendal, Sue Menzies, Kath Burnell, and Bev Bruce make up the 75th Anniversary Committee.