To contact a board member, email [email protected]

All questions currently directed to Grounds Superintendent Ernie Whitelaw and his crew members must be sent to, to stop interrupting Ernie and his crew while they are working.

The 2024-2025 Board of Directors are:


President Tom Andrews

Appoints standing and ad hoc committees. Supervises office staff and committee chairs, and generally rules the roost. Finance and strategic planning.

Vice-president Mike Dungey

Golf Operations and Human Resources.


Peter Collum

Communications and social media.


Sue Menzies

Membership, and league committee.


Leigh Bennett

Projects and building management, strategic planning, and septic field sub-committee.

Steve Smith

Projects and building management, restaurant liaison, septic field sub-committee.


Larry Kydd

Membership, league committee.

Kirk Bellamy


Chris Hennessey

Membership, and league committee.


Chris Fritsch

Grounds and greens, AGM, strategic planning, and septic field sub-committee.

Club Captain: Kevin Mills

Handicap Chair: Kath Burnell