Crozier St Property for Sale

To All Shareholders of Mount Brenton Golf Club:

Consistent with the current policy and procedures of Mount Brenton Golf Club, the Board of Directors intends to offer the members the first opportunity to purchase the Club’s rental house, which the club has decided to sell.

The Club owns a house located at 2755 Crozier Rd, Chemainus . The property is approximately 3.2 acres in size, with a two bedroom, older home located on the East side of the property. The Board is offering the property for sale at the price of $519,900.00. The Board commissioned an appraisal and a realters price assessment, to establish the offering price. The property is currently zoned Residential, and currently has the potential to be sub-divided into two lots, subject to the rules and discretion of the municipality pertaining to subdivision.

Attached you will find photos of the house. The Board makes no representation as to the information regarding the property in this notice, or to the accuracy of the survey and photos, and any potential buyer must make independent enquiries to satisfy themselves as to the size and state of the property. The survey is available to pick up at the office.

Should any shareholder wish to express an interest in the property they are hereby invited to do so in writing to the Board no later than Monday August 10, 2020. All expressions of interest must be delivered in a sealed envelope to the club office by 4 pm.

Any written expressions of interest for the property will provide the shareholder with an assigned individual appointment time to view the property and the house. Due to Covid 19 issues and tenant rights masks will be required.

Any shareholder who then wishes to proceed with a formal offer to purchase, must do so prior to, but no later than Monday August 17, 2020 at 4pm. Any such formal offers must be in delivered in a sealed envelope to the club office by closing time, and must be a binding legal offer.

At this time, the Board is notifying the long term renters of the imminent property listing and the member bidding process to ensure their cooperation, and to ascertain their own appetite for a private sale of the property prior to listing.

At close of business on August 17, 2020 the Board intends to accept a shareholder offer, accept an offer from the current renters, or list the property with an MLS agent for $519,900.00. The Directors will determine which of these paths to take having regard to the Club policies and procedures, and the best interests of the Club.

Should the property be listed with an MLS agent, any member with continued interest could choose to participate in that sale process.

It is the intention of the Board of Directors of the Mount Brenton Golf Club to sell the property in an expediated time frame while achieving the best financial return for the club.

This notice is intended to seek expressions of interest and is not intended to be a binding offer by Mount Brenton Golf Club or its Board of Directors. The Directors retain the right at any time to abandon or modify the process set out here.