The enthusiastic and experienced staff at Mount Brenton Golf Course are happy to assist you in finding the perfect lesson plan to help you achieve an overall better game. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, the key to the game is to have fun while doing it. See our in-house pros, and check out the rates below.

Come by yourself, or come with some friends, either way we guarantee you’ll leave happy and excited to play this wonderful game of golf!

Click here for our Junior Lesson Programs

45-Minute Lesson (taxes not included) Fee
One Student $55.00
Two Students $95.00
Three Students $125.00
Options: full swing, pitching, chipping, sand play or putting  
Three 45-Minute Lessons (taxes not included) Fee
One Student $135.00
Two Students $225.00
Three Students $305.00
Playing Lessons (taxes not included) Fee
Nine-Hole Playing Lesson
Professional looks at all aspects of students game. 
Four Hole Playing Lesson with 15-minute instruction $75.00
Group Swing Lesson 4 – 6 Students (cost per student) (taxes not included)
These lessons do not involve hitting golf balls. The focus is on the entire swing from the grip to the finish position.
Club Fitting: (taxes not included)
Ensure that your current equipment is suited to your swing (credited back if equipment order placed).
Junior Lessons (30 Minutes) (taxes not included) $35.00