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  1. Kris Coventry
    Kris Coventry says:

    We had the most spectacular day – course is in great shape and so scenic, really beautiful. From the fellow in the pro shop to the groundskeeper we met after our round to the wait staff, everyone so pleasant and clearly very proud! Met some ladies in the parking lot who raved about the meatballs and try to their word, they were fabulous! Club House very clean and our entire day was such a pleasant surprise! We will definitely be back – we’ve found a gem in Mount Brenton!

  2. Yvonne
    Yvonne says:

    I can not find enough good words to say “Thank You” to Doug for the effort he put in trying to
    help my husband and I find my missing sunglasses and phone and to Lori in the restaurant who found the missing items and set them safely aside for me to pick up the next day.

    Thank you both so much. You are both very kind and helpful people and a real asset to the golf course.

    Thank You, Thank You!!!

  3. Bob
    Bob says:

    Had a great round the course is in excellent shape everyone’s helpful and polite. Bought an egg salad sandwich and felt that there was a lack of egg salad on the sandwich, I’d like to see a little more bang for my buck.

  4. Brian English
    Brian English says:

    Played 18 holes this afternoon. The course is really lovely and in great condition. Play was very slow, but I thoroughly enjoyed the round nonetheless.
    The only negative in the day was meeting John in the pro’s shop. In 8 years coming to Canada and being on Vancouver Island these past three weeks, he is positively the rudest person I have ever met in Canada. He treated us like dirt, swept us aside to deal with other customers because he said we were taking too long. His arrogance is mind-boggling and he is totally devoid of a customer service mindset. We will avoid this beautiful course in the future purely so that we don’t have to set eyes on him again and I will recommend the same to friends and business associates.
    Sorry, but no customer deserves to be treated with contempt by a sales assistant. He clearly hasn’t spotted the ‘Visitors Welcome’ sign on the clubhouse!


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